Custom Shirts Create a New Sense of Style, Fashion and Creativity

Both men and women want to have a huge collection of clothing and accessories in their wardrobe. But, the clothing collection is considered as incomplete without having custom shirts. If you are also one of those who want to look different from the crowd and lure others, then you should adorn yourself with custom shirts that are known to make a new style.

Custom shirts as the name implies hold a special place in men’s clothing as these shirts give men a sense of completeness as well as enable them to flaunt their decent personality in the society in a unique way. Put in simple words, for conscious people who want to create a new style and fashion statement, custom shirts are the ideal option for them.

These authentically designed shirts not only signify the medieval era, but also make the wearer centre of attraction in party and other occasions. People also prefer to wear them along with formal dresses. Apart from this, the combination of tie and custom shirt also boosts wearers personality to a great level. This is the main reason that the demand of custom T-shirts is very much high.

Another reason behind their popularity is that people are quite conscious about their dress and appearance and they also don’t hesitate to spend a considerable amount of money to get something different, unique and of high quality. Custom T-shirts really create a new sense of style, fashion and creativity and also improve the confidence level of the wearers.

With an aim to make these shirts more and more popular and to glorify the medieval era, manufacturers and suppliers have come up with the notion of selling them online. In this way, these shirts are also available at online stores at cost-effective price tag. Most of the manufacturers who are involved in selling the shirts online also offer wearers an option of design shirts according to their choice by selecting the right and high quality fabrics, colours, collars, cuffs, pockets and buttons as well.

By doing so, you can get the custom T-shirts in your desired style, design and size. If you are going to buy a ready-made custom shirt, it is vital to keep some vital points in mind. Apart from this, you should also get the details about fabrics, colour and design. In order to buy your favourite custom shirts or other clothing items, all you need to do is simply select an online manufacturer and suppliers and place your order online.

Lauren Conrad Style: Fashion Philosophies

As a teenage girl, fashion-school wannabe, or fashion lover in general, you’re always on the lookout for a fresh, new look that you can try out to express yourself style-wise. Well, when it comes to fresh-faced style-tips, there is almost nobody better to look up to than reality TV star, fashion designer, author and L.A. Native, Lauren Conrad. Designs from Conrad’s multiple fashion lines are youthful, fresh and great for a Southern-California summer. Read on for just a few Lauren Conrad style tips to help inspire your very own wardrobe decisions.

The Lauren Conrad style is certainly chic and feminine, but overall, designs from her collections show that for Lauren, comfort is key. From her LC collection that was released in 2009 exclusively at Kohl’s department stores, you can see a lot of comfortable, cotton-based wardrobe basics that compliment the life of a woman who jet-sets all over town and beyond. Designs include many knee-length or above-the-knee, cotton sundresses, loose-fitting chiffon blouses and peasant tops, and a lot of stretchy skirts and leggings. Ms. Conrad definitely knows that you won’t look good unless you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, so you should plan your wardrobe out accordingly.

Ms. Conrad has spoken openly about ideas in fashion design that she thinks are important. Among several good ideas, she has stated the importance of fashion lovers cultivating their own sense of personal style. She has acknowledged that this can often take time, as a fashion lover must sift through trends and really find what they love and what works well for them, but that it is the key to a timeless, sophisticated closet full of clothes. In her latest book, appropriately-titled, Lauren Conrad Style, Ms. Conrad elaborates more on the idea of adapting the look of your own personal style icon to fit yourself and your individual needs, both fashion-wise and as a person going through the motions of every-day life.

Another key element within the many facets of Lauren Conrad style is the importance of accessorizing. Ms. Conrad herself has expressed how creative and fun accessories are the key to making any old outfit an inventive, refreshing hit! On her website, Conrad posts all types of fun accessorizing ideas. Examples include a fun, new take on the french manicure by mixing and matching nail polish colors, adding feathers to earrings and as hair-pieces, and including menswear-inspired elements in your outfits like an old-school smoking jacket or a tuxedo piece. Even beautifully done makeup can count as an accessory, if it adds to your look and makes your outfit feel complete!

With her third fashion line just months away from its release, several best-selling books and a lot of publicity coming her way, Lauren Conrad is an inspiration for fashion design and fashion merchandising students everywhere. She has worked hard for all of her success and truly earned every bit of it. If you have a passion for fashion, you could be next!

Style, Fashion and Personal Style – The Pressure and the Opportunity

Today, fashion is increasingly about personal style, taking the trends and making them your own. Women embrace fashion and use style to express their personality, but for many the pressure to create personal style is overwhelming.

Our world is more and more about image and how fashion and style apply to it. These changes are influencing our desire and ability to incorporate style in our own lives. The major market influencers are:

– Our increased interest in celebrities
– The adoption of all body shapes and sizes
– The mainstream availability of more affordable, fashionable clothing
– Hot, hip, stylish and sexy – 30s, 40s, 50s
– Women have less to spend on clothing

Celebrities are everywhere and we want to know everything about them. Where they go and what they wear are big news. They adorn the covers of our favorite magazines and endorse our coveted luxury items. We follow their every fashion move, we want what they have; Louis Vuitton bags, the “it” designer jeans, Gucci sunglasses…the list goes on. Celebrities today not only wear the latest and greatest fashions but they define what fashion is. All this media exposure drives the ‘want’ factor of fashion. We want what they have.

Celebrities are influential and getting more and more attention, exposure and mindshare every day. This can be further seen by the explosion of celebrities as cover models on our favorite magazines. Years ago fashion models were the cover models of fashion magazines, but today it is the stars of the big/small screen and music industry. Not only is their photo on the cover, but they are a prominent story that month.

“Jennifer Lopez: Is Soooo Back, on Marc, the Exes, and Her Tell-All Album,” Elle, February, 2010
“Christina Aguilera: I’m a Different Person Now,” Marie Claire, February, 2010
Oprah, “Don’t Change Your Body…Change Your Jeans! Find Your Dream Fit,” O The Oprah Magazine, February, 2010

Adoption of all bodies. The increased coverage and variety of celebrities has also opened the door to what we perceive as beautiful. We are slowly changing the old stereotype of beauty. No longer is it solely defined by that perfect, 18-year-old, 6 foot, super skinny, supermodel of the past. Today we are exposed to a wide range of ages, bodies and styles – Taylor Swift and Hillary Duff to Madonna and Catherine Zeta Jones…Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria to Oprah and Queen Latifah…Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson to Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Mainstream fashion availability & affordability. Fashion has gone main-stream. High-end clothing designers create designer wear for mainstream retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. This availability of affordable, stylish clothing allows women to be more stylish and elevates the expectation of higher fashion and style for all. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 have opened many doors for women to embrace the latest fashion offerings at extremely affordable prices. This is both a blessing and a curse; women have the opportunity to find and afford more fashionable clothing, but also have greater pressure to be fashionable.

Hot, Hip, Stylish and Sexy – 30s, 40s, 50s. Thirty is the new Twenty, Forty is the new Thirty and Fifty is the new Forty – and the definitions of hot women in their 30s and 40s+ as Puma’s and Cougar’s proves sexy no longer has an age limit. Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Teri Hatcher, Heather Locklear, Kim Cattrall, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek and Diane Lane…they are all over 40. For women of all ages this is power. Style and beauty are not only for the 20-somethings. Women of any age and body type can look good, and when you look good, you feel good. Women want to look good, really good…no matter what their age.

Women have less to spend on clothing. The pressure of society to be stylish coupled with our global financial challenges makes shopping for a new wardrobe challenging. Today women are spending less. As per the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey, “84% of female respondents have the same to less money to spend on clothing this year versus last year (2009 vs. 2008).” So with less to spend it is critical to spend smartly. “Women are definitely being more careful about how and what they are spending on clothing… They are taking their time to assure themselves that they are making a smart choice,” Joanne Stoner,

In Summary women feel the pressure to look good and don’t want to waste money along the way. By select the right cuts for their body, colors that flatter, styles that are appropriate and pieces that work for their lifestyle and budget they will be better shoppers and better dressers.

Wearing Green With Style – Fashion School Tips For What to Wear on St Patrick’s Day

You know the rule for St. Patrick’s Day: wear green, or you’ll get pinched. But that doesn’t mean you have to look gaudy, dress like a leprechaun, or wear a green t-shirt that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” Follow these tips from fashion school experts, and you can actually look stylish as you’re sporting the green.

Choose the right shade of green. Most people do not look good wearing bright kelly green. Fortunately, there are an infinite number of variations on the color that are more flattering. For example, olive and khaki greens are much more subdued hues that the majority of people can pull off. And chartreuse, teal, turquoise, and apple green are hot shades that will spice up your wardrobe beyond just St. Patrick’s Day.

Work the green into prints. Another way fashion college experts recommend incorporating green into your wardrobe is with prints like florals, stripes and plaids. After all, nobody said you had to wear solid green. When green’s a part of the entire pattern, you can get into the St. Patty’s spirit without broadcasting to the world that you’re dressed for a theme party.

Layer with green. Instead of thinking in terms of an entire green wardrobe, make green one of the layers, e.g., a t-shirt, a pair of socks peeking under your slacks, or a necktie or scarf. This strategy is particularly helpful if you work in a conservative environment or wear a uniform and don’t want to call attention to the green.

Accessorize with green. Even if none of your clothes is green, you can still celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green jewelry. A jade bracelet, a green turquoise stone necklace, or an emerald ring (particularly if it’s a claddagh ring) will all bring you the luck of the Irish.

Go green as in eco-friendly. Green fashion design is the hottest trend, so you can stay ahead of the fashion curve on St. Patrick’s Day by wearing clothing that’s good for the environment. While garments made with organic fabrics or manufactured locally with fair trade practices are considered eco-friendly, so are thrift shop finds or old clothes you’ve repurposed or updated with ribbons, beads and embellishments.

And what happens if someone doesn’t notice your fashionable green attire and pinches you anyway? Well, that’s the fun part. You get to pinch them back.