Country Style Fashion

Each year, trends and styles change; but if you will analyze it, fashion just circulate. Country style fashion has become popular lately. It was, in fact, inspired by Western clothing such as cowboy boots and hats. This style is said to have developed during the start of the gold rush. At present, country style clothing is available for men and women. They are affordable and versatile. Some of the most sought after pieces are embroidered long sleeves and shirts that have front pockets. Striped and checkered tops are also trendy. In addition, belts, rhinestones, leather bags, and vests are must-haves to complete the country style look.

Of course, you will also need a good pair of wellington boots. Green is usually the preferred color but you can also sport a dark blue if you feel like throwing caution to the wind. As much as possible, avoid polka dots and floral prints. These are typically sold in big box stores. They are impractical, vulgar, and make you look like an outsider. However, you must not put on the wellington boots without shaking them first. Turn them upside down to get rid of any dirt, creepy crawler, or insect that might be inside them. You will never know if a little creature is hiding inside your dark footwear unless you shake it off.

A headscarf is also an essential part of a country style wardrobe. It is elegant and chic. It will keep your hair neat on a windy day and add glamour to your outfit. You may also tie it around your neck for versatility. Sensible, durable brogues are also must-haves; but for a formal event, a pair of high-heeled court shoes is recommended. Moreover, keep in mind to never wear a pair of shorts even if the temperature outside is high. If you want to stick with country style, wear a comfortable summer dress made of cotton instead. This will retain your sophistication and class. Of course, you must also choose country style prints and patterns for your dress.

Nice waxed jackets are essential, as well. Get something with cuffs and corduroy collars to achieve that country style effect. Remember that a good quality suit goes forever, so it is also ideal if you will invest in classic pieces such as wool suits. Do not wear fur, though, unless it is vintage and has been in your closet for years. Stick to pieces that will help you achieve and maintain a country style. Nonetheless, make sure that you have several good quality pairs of gloves for gardening, walking your dog, and driving. Furthermore, you must invest in a shooting stick. These pieces are lifesavers at flower shows, country fairs, and other equestrian events.