How to Have More Fun This Summer

Remember when summer was actual fun? When you are a kid summer meant no school and playing outside all day long. From amusement parks to ice cream cones, summer time is the best time when you are a kid. However, when you got to be an adult, summer does not mean that much to you. Besides having the kids home from school, you still have to go to work and pay the bills. You don’t really get to have a summer when you are a adult. According to an article on Experience Life, when was the last time you actually had fun in the summer as a adult? You can still have fun this summer you just have to set yourself boundaries. For example, turn your cell phone and work emails off for the weekend. Don’t be using your weekend catching up on those work emails. When you get PTO (paid time off) from work, use them for fun instead of doctor’s appointments. Don’t let the opportunity of enjoying the great outdoors escape you as it has in the past. Get ready to spend more time outside than you have ever spent in the past. According to an article by Time Out New York you should consider doing things that you have never done before such as rock climbing and or kayaking. From napping on a hammock to having a picnic in the park or fishing to picking wildflowers you should find something that interests you this summer and just go do it.

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