Essential Things You Should Know About Wedding Cards

After receiving an invitation to a wedding, the guests start thinking about the perfect gift to give the newlyweds. Very often, those invited also start hunting for a wedding card to give to the couple on their special day. It can be a hard task to come up with a personalized message that conveys your sincere feelings without accidentally offending the bride and groom.

To save guests the trouble of thinking hard what message to pass to the couple, wedding invitations management vendors offer their services by capturing those feelings in well-crafted wedding cards with creativenotes. What are the accepted norms when it comes to sending out or giving wedding cards? What messages go well with wedding cards? The following points below expound on the answers.

When should you send your wedding card?

The periodwithin which to send your best wishes to the couple is a bit flexible. Traditionally, it is usually between the time you receive the invitation, and several weeks after the nuptials. The card can be taken with the gift to the wedding and dropped in the cards box, or it can be posted directly to the couple.

What kinds of cards are acceptable?

Wedding cards come in many types. This includes standard or ready gift cards available at bookshops, self-made cards, tags pinned on gifts, and digital cards accompanying gifts. All of these are perfectly acceptable. You should not feel pressurized to get a particular type, as all these are accepted as wedding cards.

Should the message contain “Congratulations’’?

Simply put, yes, it is acceptable. However, there is a disclaimer in its use. If the couple, and especially the bride, come from a very conservative family, or she is very traditional, the word should be avoided. It used to be considered that writing or saying ‘’congratulations’’ to a newly wedded woman amounted to congratulating her for getting a man.

What should you write on your card?

The messages to put down in wedding cards are quitepersonal, and possibly sentimental. Your message will depend on the relationship you have with the couple. You can go for the ready quotes available in several books, online sites, and other sources, or come up with something inspirational expressing your deepest feelings. Your message will also depend on various circumstances – whether it’s formal or casual wedding, or this is a religious ceremony. Perhaps you might also want to consider the couple’s family set-up or work set up.

Here are some examples of wedding card messages:

Messages for formal weddings

“May you have a lifetime of love and joy.”

“Wish you well on this great journey, as you put together your lives.”

“May the coming years in your life be full of unending happiness.”

“May the love and joy you feel on this day shine all the years.”

Casual   messages

“We love and cherish both of you. Congrats.”


“Best wishes today and forever.”

Religious Messages

“Wish youand your marriage, God’s blessings.”

“May God gift you all the blessings of this life and the joy of love.”

“My prayers for you is lasting love and joy.”

Wedding messages for family members

“A great day for ourfamily it is, and particularly for you two. May today’s happinesslast you a lifetime.”

“Today, we get a new addition to our family, and we couldn’t be more joyful. We wish both of you well.”