How Women Can Dress in Urban Style Fashion

When women dress in urban clothing, it can be a reflection of their will to put up a fight for higher standards of living and success. Urban fashion is usually defined as relaxed, functional, and comfortable. If you’re a woman on-the-go, this is a good choice of fashion for you. Just because it’s described as comfortable doesn’t mean that it’s not going to make you look good, because that’s not true. You can look great in urban wear and your accessories will make the most of your urban look. If want to fit in the big city, then you need to urbanize your wear.

In order to really embrace the fashion of urban wear, you need to understand clearly what makes a certain look urban.

*Your look needs to be functional
*Your look needs to be a little on the ethnic side.
*Your look needs to be bold and tell a little something about who you really are.
*Your look needs to be edgy.

There are two different types of urban clothing for women to wear. There is weekend wear and business clothing. Weekend wear can be anything from evening gowns to skinny jeans with furry boots and a nice comfy sweater. Business wear can be clothing like maxi-dresses, power suits and vintage ensembles.

When wearing urban wear, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match elements that typically would not go together. Keep in mind that bold is beautiful, the bolder you make a combination, the better it’ll be.

The basics of urban wear are:
*Jewelry that catches the crowd
*Skinny Jeans
*Wool coats
*Ankle or knee length boots
*Thin skirts
*Corduroy Blazers
*Bold belts
*Black cardigans

With urban wear you can easily transform your mundane business suit into something to wear to a club in just a few easy steps. Add a headband and some makeup that will make you sparkle. Then trade in your pumps for some boots and you have yourself a great outfit to wear to the club. You don’t have to be half naked in order to look good for a night out on the town. You want to show that you are smart, sensible and bold. You don’t need to be dressed in skimpy lace and short shorts to get attention.

Like I mentioned earlier, accessories are very important to urban fashion. The best jewelry to wear are made with precious stones, many different metals and crystals and pearls. Wearing urban jewelry isn’t wearing all of your grandmothers old jewery. When you wear urban jewelry you should be trying to send a message saying that you are a bold woman. Large jewel encrusted necklaces and pendants to gold hoop earrings are the bold urban fashion statements to make everyone look your way.