Lauren Conrad Style: Fashion Philosophies

As a teenage girl, fashion-school wannabe, or fashion lover in general, you’re always on the lookout for a fresh, new look that you can try out to express yourself style-wise. Well, when it comes to fresh-faced style-tips, there is almost nobody better to look up to than reality TV star, fashion designer, author and L.A. Native, Lauren Conrad. Designs from Conrad’s multiple fashion lines are youthful, fresh and great for a Southern-California summer. Read on for just a few Lauren Conrad style tips to help inspire your very own wardrobe decisions.

The Lauren Conrad style is certainly chic and feminine, but overall, designs from her collections show that for Lauren, comfort is key. From her LC collection that was released in 2009 exclusively at Kohl’s department stores, you can see a lot of comfortable, cotton-based wardrobe basics that compliment the life of a woman who jet-sets all over town and beyond. Designs include many knee-length or above-the-knee, cotton sundresses, loose-fitting chiffon blouses and peasant tops, and a lot of stretchy skirts and leggings. Ms. Conrad definitely knows that you won’t look good unless you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, so you should plan your wardrobe out accordingly.

Ms. Conrad has spoken openly about ideas in fashion design that she thinks are important. Among several good ideas, she has stated the importance of fashion lovers cultivating their own sense of personal style. She has acknowledged that this can often take time, as a fashion lover must sift through trends and really find what they love and what works well for them, but that it is the key to a timeless, sophisticated closet full of clothes. In her latest book, appropriately-titled, Lauren Conrad Style, Ms. Conrad elaborates more on the idea of adapting the look of your own personal style icon to fit yourself and your individual needs, both fashion-wise and as a person going through the motions of every-day life.

Another key element within the many facets of Lauren Conrad style is the importance of accessorizing. Ms. Conrad herself has expressed how creative and fun accessories are the key to making any old outfit an inventive, refreshing hit! On her website, Conrad posts all types of fun accessorizing ideas. Examples include a fun, new take on the french manicure by mixing and matching nail polish colors, adding feathers to earrings and as hair-pieces, and including menswear-inspired elements in your outfits like an old-school smoking jacket or a tuxedo piece. Even beautifully done makeup can count as an accessory, if it adds to your look and makes your outfit feel complete!

With her third fashion line just months away from its release, several best-selling books and a lot of publicity coming her way, Lauren Conrad is an inspiration for fashion design and fashion merchandising students everywhere. She has worked hard for all of her success and truly earned every bit of it. If you have a passion for fashion, you could be next!