Southwestern Style Fashion

The southwestern style tends to be the style that has always been there whenever people need comfort. It is all about warm colors and simple designs. No wonder so many people like this style. Designers of southwestern fashion purposely created clothing that will help consumers feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, the southwestern style is also about being chic and colorful. Classic dress silhouettes, zigzag patterns, and printed feathers are just some of the elements incorporated with this style. Glamorous clutches and ankle-strap sandals are fantastic additions, as well.

If you want to wear southwestern style garments, choose pieces in red, white, and black. However, you may also choose tan and turquoise for a more colorful twist. The southwestern style is about warm colors, intricate native designs, and tightly woven fabrics. This style is actually a complex mix of various cultures from New Mexico and Arizona. The vibrant colors incorporated in this style were inspired by the colors and natural beauty of the desert landscape. The rich yellows and reds represent the desert vegetation and the clay soil. The earth tones such as grays and browns, on the other hand, represent the dry and arid desert.

Along with clothes come extras and accessories. Gray and brown purses are ideal to be worn with southwestern style clothing. A purse like these is truly a must-have for a woman who is a cowgirl at heart. Handbags make great accessories, as well. These items certainly make a statement. In addition, these pieces are not just aesthetically appealing; they are also functional. So, you may wear a purse or a handbag everyday to carry your belongings and show off your southwestern style at the same time.

Aside form purses and handbags, you may also want to invest in belts. Fine-looking brave belts are just what you need to complete your southwestern style fashion. Of course, you have to choose belts that are in earth colors. You may choose from light brown to black. Plain belts are alright, but you may also want them to have cool buckles and intricate designs. Buckle designs that go from rock star to cowboy are the best. These designs are, in fact, among the most sought-after designs.

Furthermore, you may want to get southwestern style cuffs. Originally, cuffs were not part of this style. They used to be present in punk fashion alone. However, the emo and punk styles have influenced the mainstream style and turned cuffs into must-haves. Today, cuffs have actually been making quite an impression particularly on the concert and club scenes of every major city in the United States. Thick leather cuffs with metal studs are the most popular. You can also define your personality by wearing a cuff around your wrist.

Riot Grrrl Style, Fashion and Self-Expression

Riot Grrrl fashion shaped and influenced young women’s fashion from the 1990s to the present day. Although there was no “uniform” in this movement, certain tendencies and trends moved from the subculture into the mainstream. This appropriation failed to bleach the politics from the clothing, and its influence continues, unabated, today.

To understand this movement, you have to understand something of its predecessors. The punk movement had some female and feminist voices, including the Mo-Dettes, Blondie, Lydia Lunch and the Runaways. However, the movement was always male-centric, with most women being either groupies (like the much reviled Nancy Spungen) or impresarios (like Anya Phillips).

Female musicians in punk tended to be lead singers, like Debbie Harry and Poly Styrene. This led to the perception that girls couldn’t play music, and should act mostly as sex symbols. By the 1990s, young women were fed up with this, and wanted to create music of their own.

The movement arose from the Olympia, Washington, college music scene, as well as other areas of the Pacific Northwest. Antecedents to the movement appeared in San Francisco, Vancouver and other cities. Kat Bjelland, of Babes in Toyland, inspired much of the movement’s aesthetic, although she never directly participated.

The term was coined by Jen Smith, an early member of the band Bratmobile, when she wrote “This summer’s going to be a girl riot” to lead singer Allison Wolfe. Later, members of Bratmobile collaborated with Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail to create a zine called Riot Grrrl. The name stuck.

The Philosophy of Riot Grrrl

The Riot Grrrl Manifesto emphasized female solidarity, as well as networking with other women and girls to create a female-centric scene. Early zines like “Girl Germs” and “Bikini Kill” dealt with traditionally feminist issues, such as domestic violence, rape and male domination.
Girl Germs zine, 1990s.

Unsurprisingly, for a movement started by people in their early twenties, the philosophy of riot grrrl was enthusiastic and a bit jejune. In early zines, writers like Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe spoke out against racism, sexism and other -isms, with great outrage, if not coherence. Many articles dealt with personal experiences of sexism, as well as explaining what feminism meant to the author.

Part of the movement was against the “anti-sell-out,” purer-and-cooler-than-thou atmosphere of punk, and a somewhat similar atmosphere in traditional academic feminism. Although members of the movement claim there was no set of rules, I can find no evidence of politically conservative or libertarian bands in this movement. Rather than rebelling against academic feminism, most members of the movement seemed to accept its dogma, even if individuals differed on details or in private.

This philosophy was later co-opted by the Spice Girls, and watered down into “Girl Power!”, a phrase which occasionally showed up (in some form or another) in Riot Grrrl zines.

Revolution Grrrl Style Now!

Many feminists, then as now, want to be judged by their personality, not their appearance. This doesn’t mean they walked around naked, or neglected expressing themselves. In point of fact, many third wave feminists rebelled against this aspect of second wave feminism, where looking sexy was seen as a crime. Instead, third wave feminists recognized that sartorial self-expression, like all other forms of self-expression, could be a powerful political weapon.

What did Revolution Grrrl Style Now! look like? Well, it looked like many things. Unlike punks or hippies, riot grrrls co-opted many elements from other subcultures to create their own unique look. As I said earlier, there was no real uniform. Elements of punk, no wave, post-punk heavy metal, grunge, kinderwhore and butch lesbian fashion went into these outfits.

Makeup, if worn, often drew attention to the lips, through bright red or pink lipstick. Heavy makeup was out of fashion throughout the early 90s; most alternative rockers, even goth rockers, went for a more natural, low-maintenance aesthetic.

Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill, sometimes wore “slutty” clothes, such as Catholic schoolgirl skirts, while writing words on her body like “SLUT” and “INCEST.” According to Hanna, this was to drain the words of their negative connotations, as well as to preempt the thoughts of young men looking at the photos.

Grunge music emerged from the same or overlapping scenes in the Pacific Northwest. Some women wore the then-fashionable flannel shirts, and the standard uniform of nineties alternative musicians: large black band t-shirt, black pants and long hair.

Although the originators of kinderwhore fashion were not part of the movement (especially Courtney Love, who hated it), it influenced some members. Early videos of Bikini Kill show the bassist wearing a vintage babydoll dress, complete with a Peter Pan collar. The main difference, as far as I can tell, was that riot grrrl was political, while kinderwhore was more of an artistic and aesthetic movement.

Some young women wore deliberately immature outfits as a way of reclaiming their childhood from sexual abuse or dysfunctional family dynamics.

This article originally appeared in Enjoy Your Style’s subcultural section.

Golf Caps Present a New Twist on Old Style Fashions

Golf Caps are the latest trend and not just for golfers. This genre of hats has hit a new high for head fashions. It used to be that a visor, or more traditional hat was the only style seen outside of the old school argyle caps. Now days, there are all kinds of golf caps that are great on or off the greens.

Starting with the traditional golf caps, the styles, colors and fabrics have all benefitted from fashion forward thinking. No longer are the loud plaid patterns or dull grays the only choice. With bright colors contrasting in blues, yellows, beiges, blacks and deep browns, the golf cap of yesteryear is newer and better than ever with a slight twist on the argyles and stripes.

The baseball style golf hats are always a good fit, lightweight and provide decent levels of protection from the sun. For the younger crowd, the trucker cap has indeed made its way onto the fairways. I’m sure several old timers are not so pleased, but these golf caps from Nickent bring style and comfort with the wider brim and increased area for ventilation. TaylorMade has a great line of hats and visors as well and you will see an edgier more mischievous look to them like the Nighthawk Tour Golf Caps in camouflage or jet black. These caps are definitely the latest fashions seen on pros from golf to surfing. With athletes crossing over into multiple sports the styles and fashions are following suit offering great renditions of the traditional apparel and gear.

A favorite among the ladies are the linen hats. These frame the female face better than a traditional baseball style hat and they come in a great selection of colors. Lightweight and easy on the hair, these hats make a day on the course enjoyable and don’t leave that awful hat line that most hats do. Visors are also popular among women for the same reason. Shielding the eyes and protecting the face from harmful UV rays is necessary, and visors do the trick without resulting in the hat head look that requires keeping the hat just to avoid embarrassment.

Army caps are the newest style to hit the golf circuit. These caps are not only attractive on most people, but you can’t help but have a sense of patriotism when adorned with one. Made of spandex and cotton twill, these hats give men the same benefit that linen hats do for the ladies. Softer on the hairline, the likelihood of creases is as slim as the shaft of your driver.

Regardless of the style, golf caps are a great addition to any wardrobe and make for a little much needed variety on the greens. Wherever you reside, golf season is hitting its’ stride and it’s time to get out there. So, find a hat that best suits you and make a statement next time you head out to the fairway. Stay tuned for more tips on Golf apparel, spring fashions and hiking attire.

Chic and Attractive London Spring Street Style Fashion

There is no doubt that the high and mighty fashion at London Fashion Week’s spring fashion 2013 has spilled over into the streets of the city. Indeed, London street style has all the girls walking the streets, sidewalks, and side streets with the dresses that everyone finds to be stylish and fashionable. Ladies seem to be keeping up with the street style trend as they wear simple yet beautiful attires. With the LFW over, it definitely serves as a springboard to entice classic dressers to come up and wear their versions of London street styles.

Here are some of the London Street styles during the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer of 2013 that will look great in spring of next year:

Bold Prints, Studs, Metals

Streets during the fashion week were littered with women – fashion editors and bloggers, designers, and gawkers – who were brave enough to wade through London streets wearing maxi bold prints. There are straps, series of chain belts, and huge zippers that dominated many women’s mix-matched dress ensemble. There were also a lot of precious stones and minerals that were in play such as gold and gold plated accessories, and studs in Balenciaga bags, among many others. Others on the street were happy to display their color block dressed with transparent thick-plastic shoulder bags securely tucked in their arms.

Polka Dots

With the London Fashion week filled with shows that flaunted patterned and printed designs, one of the most sought after will definitely be polka dots this coming season. Polka dots will be a dominating pattern to be found on street style dresses next year. The dots will be presented in various sizes and colors, in any attempt to prevent the lady wearer from becoming fashion wallpaper. In fact, with multi-sized, multi-colored, polka-dotted blouse or skirt, any woman is sure to be head turner.


Peplum is one design that can be seen just about everywhere and the wearer will look great on it. Women will definitely have a great time walking down the streets and inner streets of London donning stylish pencil skirts with peplum. This apparel goes well even with just a simple blouse and a pair of high heels.

Put simply, when it comes to street style London fashion 2013, nobody will present it better than the average London girl on the streets. She is the chicest and meanest when it comes to street style. And with all of the spring street fashion that’s available, this gives everyone the chance to wear and strut them around along the streets and sidewalks come spring time.

These are the best roundup of spring street style fashion that women can refer to especially if they are having a “fashion sense block” at any day. With spring time just a few months away, all should look forward to the layering and vintage or classic dress styles that street style lovers will surely love the use and wear.