Style, Fashion and Statement – All Reasons Why Women Love Designer Handbags

Many of us have talked about the advantage of a designer bag. They are stylish; they add to the class and status of the wearer and are durable. However, luxury bags are a lot more than just these. True, they are stylish and they will always be. Yet, they are also well crafted and are a pleasure to look at.

What would you love about a designer bag?

Everyone knows that beautiful bags are one of the best things you can own. Trying to explain why designer bags are amazing is like trying to explain why chocolate tastes great. So if you have your heart set on a luxury bag but your future bank balance scares you. Here are five reasons you absolutely cannot do without at least one designer bag in your closet:

1. Fashionable

Who doesn’t like something fashionable? Owning something that is fashionable helps you feel good as well. Nothing speaks ‘great fashion sense’ like a stylish bag. Handbags are the forerunners of trends and are made by the people who, quite literally, create fashion. A designer bag tells the world about your fine fashion taste.

2. Accessory

Make no mistake, it is the greatest accessory. You don’t need to bother with too much jewellery once you have a luxury bag on your arm. Yes, it provides the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Women love exquisite bags for the simple reason that they are the perfect accessory.

3. Useful

Fashion handbags are very useful. In fact, each kind of bag fulfils a unique purpose. Depending on where you are going and what you will need throughout the day, there is a stylish bag made to fulfil your every need.

4. Grabs attention

Nothing turns heads like designer bags. A designer bag gives you the “in the know” status and brands you classy. It implies that you have a good dressing sense too, which is something all women want.

5. Best designer buy for the value

Think of most other designer purchases such as dresses or shoes. These are buys that are not worn too many times. Once they are worn and noticed by people, it is unforgivable for a fashionista to repeat them too many times. But this is the very purpose of a classic designer bag – thus providing real value for the money.

Of course, there are many of other reasons you might want a luxury handbag. When you use your first bag it will tell your friends and fellow travellers of your fine taste in eloquent accessories.