Unique Snowboarding Style & Fashion

If you have gone skiing or snowboarding, or just seen snowboarders on the television, then you will know that snowboarders carry a distinct style in their appearance. Even though snowboarders have to wear heavy and sometimes unflattering apparel they always manage to look fashionable and this is because of their distinct uniqueness.

Let’s take a look at clothing you may expect to find a snowboarder wearing:

The first thought that snowboarders worry about before they start following any fashion trends is putting on a base layer that is effective in the retention of heat. All snowboarders will wear a base layer. The base layer will almost always consist of thermal wear, which covers every part of your body apart from you head. So you will need a thermal shirt, underwear and even socks. Thermal wear helps you stay warm when on the slopes, so it doesn’t really matter what brand or style it is.

Snowboarders will then have a second layer, usually consisting of a fleece or a jacket, thermal pants and boots. Some riders opt for flashy colors so you stand out on the slopes. Others go with a more natural look. If you want to see what’s hot right now, just check out what the top riders are wearing: guys like Shaun White and Travis Rice. I guarantee they won’t be wearing one of those funny joker hats!

Now snowboarders have the basics on they can get a bit more stylish with the top layer of clothing. So, on come the beanie hats, with some stylish goggles, a puffer jacket, gloves and last but not least your snowboard with its often funky designs.

With a seemingly endless amount of new designers around and the ever increasing popularity of snowboarding, fashion and sports are colliding, leaving the half pipe looking more like a catwalk every week!