Straight Wedding Dress – Features, Pros & Cons

A narrow rectangular shape that starts from the décolleté zone and goes straight to the bottom of the dress characterizes the silhouette of a straight wedding dress. Most often, such a dress tightly fits the figure of the bride, showing all its curves. It has no separate details in the cut. If you want to achieve the mystery of the image, you can choose the silhouette of a straight dress with a train. Due to the edge of the wedding dress, it is called a “case” or “column”.
Who Can Choose this Dress?

The simplicity of cutting of this wedding dress represents the elegance of the image, which is suitable for perfectly built slender tall girls. But it isn’t recommended to girls with problem hips and low height brides, as the cut of the dress has a special feature to fit the figure tightly, due to which, when worn by short girls, it can distort the figure lines in the waist or shorten the length of the legs.

Main Features of this Wedding Dress Type

The top part of a wedding dress with a direct cut can be decorated in several ways:

  • Lacing or corset bodice;
  • Closed version without or with sleeves of different length;
  • Open back or shoulder area;
  • Thin and wide straps;
  • All kinds of décolleté.

Strapless dress-case will look elegant and sexy, while a straight dress with long sleeves or a “boat” cutout will give a feeling of romanticism to the image. The silhouette of a straight dress allows you to choose the dress with any length, from mini to maxi models. For convenience, there are cuts and draperies of different fabrics in this dress silhouette.

Another essential factor in choosing a dress-case is fabric. If you choose sexuality, the fabric on the dress should fit the contours of the body, like silk or satin. If the fabric is denser and heavier, it will give a definite shape to the outward silhouette of the dress, but it may impede movement.

Recommendation: this silhouette of the dress adds height to short brides and slightly stretches the silhouette. This model is best suited to slender girls with correct beautiful proportions of the figure.

Pros & Cons

The main advantages of this type of wedding dress:

  • it emphasizes a slender figure;
  • it visually increases small breast;
  • it’s great for tall brides, as well as for slender short girls.


  • it is not suitable for brides with large hips;
  • it can limit and restrict movement;
  • it poorly hides the flaws of the figure, especially in the waist and hips.

Straight bridal gown is well suited for a wedding celebration in the classical style, as well as rustic, boho, and art deco styles.